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Overfed Nation Starving

I'm struggling to determine if the Kraft folks expected us to believe we'd look like this if we eat Velveeta? Or if they were encouraging us to use Velveeta as a sunless tanner. Either way it was an interesting marketing approach. And it brought to mind an irony that's been bobbing around in my head. The United States holds two very distinct titles. We have more dieters than any other nation in the world, and we have the highest obesity rate. So I have to ask is that even possible?

But when I looked closely, the answer was pretty simple. For the most part, we don't eat food. Even our produce and our meats are not food, at least not in their truest form. They're laden with all sorts of chemicals, hormones, waxes, antibiotics, poisons, and other things un-food like substances. The solution? Okay, maybe the start of a solution? Eat foods that come from nature, as nature intended (sans the processing, the Roundup, and the antibiotic-riddled feed).

It won't be instantaneous, but give it a week, you will feel the difference!

#food #health #nutrition #smience

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